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ABC News

I was a radio news journalist for a few years with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. This included a lot of writing for radio (news bulletins and such), writing online stories, as well as presenting bulletins on air. I also produced a sports podcast for six months or so.

Online News Stories

I didn’t write much for the ABC News website, but it’s the best online display of the work I did there, so here it is..

These tiles each link out to the ABC website.

On Air News Radio

Most of my work at the ABC was between two stations, News Radio in Sydney and ABC North and West in South Australia. The latter saw me do a whole heap of hard news as a talk radio presenter, but I’ve put in another project.

Here are some audio clips of my work at ABC News Radio, Australia’s national 24-hour news radio network.

ABC News Radio Bulletin

by Tim Beau Bennett

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